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May 27, 2008


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Imagine if gasoline costs $7.00/gallon in your area.

Experts predict it will rise that high.

Obviously transportation costs will skyrocket for transporting food and goods to stores...and certainly they will pass this cost to us. I cannot imagine what things will cost then???

Once again, savings will be the mantra, but I don't believe that will be enough. We must find alternative ways to do things...conservation at the top of the list....everything from gas to food, water to electricity, etc.

What would you do to conserve?

To learn more about how you can increase your gas mileage visit http://4ourfuture.com/Tasuvus


is this legit????
"To learn more about how you can increase your gas mileage visit http://4ourfuture.com/Tasuvus"

NanoTech eeFuel® is a highly concentrated fuel additive utilizing high-tech liquid nanotechnology. Inside the fuel tank, NanoTech eeFuel® builds an exceptionally stable three dimensional lattice structure consisting of sub-microscopic nano-clusters, all evenly distributed within the fuel. These nano-clusters are physically, chemically, or catalytically active depending on the stage of the combustion cycle.

"When NanoTech eeFuel® nano-clusters reach the engine and begin to burn in the combustion chamber, they rapidly gain heat and literally explode into steam. These steam explosions generate two very significant benefits:
Larger liquid fuel droplets are broken down into smaller and more readily vaporized sizes.

Increased turbulence improves localized mixing of air/fuel vapor.
When exploding nano-clusters reach the surfaces of the engine combustion chambers, they create a very gentle steam cleaning action that steadily removes any accumulated deposits. A clean combustion chamber gives cooler combustion, lower emissions, cleaner lubricating oil, and reduced engine octane requirement."

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