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December 02, 2010


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OK put the gas price down below the dollar mark please. This is very depressing gas way over a dollar for one tiny liter. We used to buy a whole gallon of gas for 42.9. My wages haven't gone up in 30 years still at $10 and hour.

derek jay

With the canadian dollar up, shouldn't the price of gas drop? Why's it still 1.209 a litre?


Discussion about factors which influence gasoline prices often reference competition amongst retailers as a limiting factor. The argument is that with gas prices displayed prominently, retailers will quickly respond to a retailer who lowers his/her price.

I believe that it is also the case that if a retailer raises his/her price, there is incentive for other retailers to raise their price. The argument here is that the other retailers will increase profits as well. This argument would not be valid for a retailer who wants to increase market share by keeping prices lower than others.

Therefore one would conclude the prominent display of gasoline prices is not necessarily a a factor which encourages competition amongst retailers.


The primary reason of this non stoppable increase in gas prices is our exaggerated dependence on gas in everything that we do... This is the law of supply and demand. if the demand is very high the tendency is the price is also high. Surprisingly, oil had no saturation point thus the continuous increase in prices.

James Megannety

Only one way to fight high gas prices,
for those of us who live on the border, my solution and many other folks, drive "over the river" (US side) and fill up. I can save about $20.00 per tank full, if more of us did this maybe both levels of government might get the picture. I don't see wages going up?


How about lowering the price of gas you crooks! My wages haven't inflated like the price of gas I own a landscaping business! I have 5 chevrolet pick up trucks with trailers and fuel for my equipment on the road all week long! We need more back bone in this country they keep raising taxes and gas and everything else but our pay doesn't increase! Its getting hard for small businesss to run! Please do something even 1 dollar a liter was alright! Crooks!


As we all know by now the price of gas fluctuates for various reasons, not necessarily valid but it's like getting stopped for speeding by the police. In this case, the reasons go as follow: Oh there is a war in Lybia; oh there is a war in Egypt, war in Afgh, war in Irac, tornado in Texas...etc... come on!!! We have enough crude oil in Canada to run independently from the rest of the world for many many years. I guess the government is adicted to tax dollars, even if it comes from families that have to go bankrupt to get to work every day. Sad....

John Smitho

Most people don't realize that we've reached Peak Oil. From this point onward, rising gas prices are unavoidable unless we switch to electricity to power our cars. There are many alternative power sources that the establishment already have to power their experimental flying vehicles which have not been divulged to the general public. The reason is simple: big oil profits from the current situation tremendously.


ok so if a third world country can sell a gallon of gas to its people for 12 cents why am i paying $$4 a gallon.

What a scam.

i'm can invest in a large tanker. get my refined gasoline from Venezuela at 12 cents bring it to Canada and sell it for 13 cents and i will still become a millionaire.

If Venezuela can do it why can't we. if we can't do it then the easier way would be to import from people that can (VENEZUELA). Correct me if i'm wrong anywhere.

Author that is reading this remember you just got scammed


why not stop buying from the 2 largest competitors esso/sunoco and give it to the smaller guys, esso/sunoco will lose money, lower prices, until people start buying from them again. If we hold out until it is below a dollar, or even 80 cents, maybe they will get the hint.

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