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May 07, 2015


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In Fort McMurray they have a similar bylaw, however recently they added a bylaw about the distance how far away from the edge of a driveway you can park ( I think it is 1m away). This has helped with some street congestion, but also improved visablity when backing out of your driveway.

Donald Bodnar

I am sending this email as it seems that this is the only recourse I have to share my concern about the absurd gas prices. Last I checked the well head price of crude is around $60 a barrel. The oil companies pay their royalties on this amount. They have layed off many of their employees cutting down their overhead so how is it that they can charge $106/liter in Edmonton and much more in other cities. By their price you would thing the benchmark crude price is $90 a barrel.I would like someone to please explain to me your pricing system. I would appreciate hearing from someone so I can better understand how you come about your pricing.

PumpTalk blog

Hi Donald - thanks for your email. For some posts to help you better understand how gas pricing works, please visit http://www.pumptalk.ca/gas_prices/

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