Alternative Fuels: Benefits, Barriers and Building Infrastructure

In September this year, Electric Autonomy Canada, an independent news platform that reports on electric vehicles (EVs) and the future of transportation, hosted a webinar series called "Alternative Fuels: The promise, the potential and putting it into practice".

Alternative Fuels Webinar

Sponsored by Petro-Canada, a Suncor business, this three-part series brought together panels of experts in the energy field to talk about:

  • what kinds of alternative fuels are being developed in Canada, both for the everyday consumer as well as the trucking industry;
  • the infrastructure challenges of transitioning to alternative fuels; and
  • how Canada can get, and stay, competitive in the alternative fuels space.

The panel for the first webinar topic, "On the road, rails and in the sky with alternative fuels", included Dave Fath, General Manager, Petro-Canada Brand Marketing, Suncor. Dave shared his thoughts on which alternative fuels could prove most useful in industry and trucking in the next few years:

"For heavy industrial use, and for heavy transport specifically, I think there's a great potential for hydrogen-treated renewable diesel, it's a product that has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional diesel and it performs just like regular diesel. It's not yet widely available to consumers but we are starting to see it enter markets in Canada. We've recently launched it in British Columbia (Petro-Canada EcoDieselTM available to commercial customers) and over the next five years, I think it's fair to expect that HRD products will become more widely available across the country."

Consumer adoption of alternative fuels was a hot topic in the third webinar, "Looking into the future – where do we go from here?" and panelist Shannon Wing, Senior Director – Petro-Canada Strategy & Development, Suncor, had this to say about the energy industry’s role in educating customers about the benefits of alternative fuels:

"A lot of customers are gaining knowledge in this sector about alternative fuels but there's a lot of skepticism around some of the results. So, I think we really have a role to play in sharing real world case studies and information and experiences. As organizations that previously considered themselves competitors, we're going to have to band together on this transition and share that information more readily than we may have in the past, to have those customers really believe that the transition [to alternative fuels] can work."

Providing energy alternatives is a key element in helping Petro-Canada customers move toward a lower-carbon future. Visit to check out these three webinars and learn more about the future of alternative fuels in Canada.

What questions do you have about alternative fuels? Let us know in the comments and we might feature your question in a future post.


24 Hours in the Life of a Caregiver – Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation

This is a special edition of PumpTalk – brought to you by the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation.

For many Canadian family caregivers, caring is more than a simple act of kindness; it’s an everyday commitment. Eight million Canadians, that’s one in four, provide regular physical, emotional, social and financial support to ill, injured, disabled and aging loved ones even if they don’t identify as caregivers.

To help all Canadians understand the challenges that family caregivers face every day, we created an immersive national campaign called 24 Hours of Care. Through various media placements along with an interactive website, Canadians can explore a day in the life of 10 real life Canadian caregivers.

24 Hours of Care

The website hosts a 24-hour documentary-style film that follows the 10 caregivers and their loved one throughout their day. You can easily navigate through the film at your own pace and get an unfiltered look at the life of a caregiver at any hour of the day. Select 1:00 am and you may see a mother awake and monitoring her child’s heartbeat. Skip ahead to 3:30 pm and you may see a man helping his elderly father.

“Although family caregiving impacts millions across the country, many Canadians don’t recognize it as an issue that needs support,” says Leila Fenc, Executive Director of the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation. “Care often takes place in private settings where it’s not seen. We are grateful to the caregivers who opened up their homes and lives to us to help us raise awareness about the challenges they face every day.”

Visit to learn more about family caregiving in Canada and the moment-by-moment lives of 10 real-life caregivers. And, learn more about the Foundation and how you can support family caregivers at


Launched in 2020, the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation enables and amplifies the work of charitable organizations across Canada that support family caregivers and inspires all Canadians to do the same. To-date, CareMakers has awarded grants totalling approximately $4 million.

Our SuperFoam Car Wash is a “treat” for Your Car This Halloween

For as long as they’ve been around, the car wash has served as a source of wonder for kids. You probably remember the feeling - you’re being dragged along on errands by a parent or older sibling and suddenly the car pulls into the car wash line and… adventure ensues.

I fondly remember this one time when my teenage sister took me to the mall in our family station wagon. On the way back home, we got some gas and hit up the car wash. We binged on chips and gummy worms as the suds and spinners did their thing, Cyndi Lauper belting through the AM stereo. To my young mind, the whole experience was as good as a midway ride.

Kids in costumes in the back seat of a car

Car washes have come a long way since the early 1980’s. Now with SuperFoam on all best washes, Petro-Canada’s car wash has evolved into a super-fun full-sensory experience. Available at most of our SuperWash and GlideWash locations, our SuperFoam experience coats your car with a thick layer of foam and LED lights create a cool visual effect as a light bubble-gum scent wafts through your air vents. On top of all this, your car gets an incredible shine-up. Cue up some of your favourite tunes on your way through and relive your glory days.

Better yet, this time of year, cue up “Monster Mash” and take the kids through for a little “trick or treat”. You can marvel together at the visual “trick” (it looks like lava!) AND it’ll be a “treat” for your kids (one that WON’T rot their teeth), Plus, your car will be nice and clean for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Learn more about our car wash options and find a car wash near you.

Happy Halloween!

~  Paul D.