365 days = 40 billion litres of gasoline
Gas prices are like a three layer sandwich


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Dave Cacka

Here's a great chart that reiterates the media hype of 'high' 2007 pump prices... Oil was, believe it or not, more costly in the early 80's.


Mario Parise

Good piece. It's hard to feel bad for people making way more money than I, but the logic is pretty solid. I certainly work a much higher margin of profit in my business than you can get away with selling oil.


My husband and I own a gas station in a small town in Northern Ont. First and foremost let me say that we BUY our gasoline from our distributor, therefor it is OUR retail product, that we own for resale. No other business that sells retail has such a fixed pricing with very little margin (if any) for profit. Once in the ground it is our job, to go outside in the rain, sleet, snow to pump it into vehicles. We do all the hard work at selling and distributing the product and yet, get the least amount of profit from this billion dollar commodity. We also take most of the blame for the high pricing which is totally unfair. It's time gas station owners get their fair share of percentage which is long overdue.

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