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A century later and it's a gas, gas, gas.

I remember calling my Dad once to wish him a happy birthday.  Birthday_cake_3

I was fresh out of school, living on my own and pretty proud that I had remembered his birthday.  “Thanks Jon,’ he said.  “But my birthday was 10 days ago.”  …oops.  

I mention that story because most of us missed a birthday earlier this year.

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Fridges, dryers and cars. What do these things have in common?

I’m no scientist, but my gut feel hypothesis is that an eight cylinder truck or SUV uses more fuel than a four cylinder hatchback.

But when you’re comparing vehicles that are not so different – e.g. two midsize hatchbacks, where do you turn for guidance on making comparisons?

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Carpooling with Benny and Julia

Benny and Julia are two Petro-Canada employees who carpool to and from work in the Greater Toronto Area each day. They drive different routes with different people, but their experiences are surprisingly similar. So, we gave them a handheld camera to share their stories with the rest of us.

If you're interested in learning more about sharing a ride to save gas and maybe have some fun doing it, has a lot of great resources and information. Or, if you have your own carpooling story, share it below.