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Corner Gas to Turn Off the Pumps

Sad news for fans of Corner Gas, the highly successful Canadian TV series about a gas station owner and his friends in Dog River, Saskatchewan.  Show creator Brent Butt said today he wanted the show to "exit gracefully, on top of our game, when we're at our prime..." so the 2008-09 season will be it's last.   You have to respect that.  And so do others here, here and here.  Thanks for the laughs.

I remember when it first premiered thinking "who is going to watch a tv show about a guy who owns a gas station?"  Turns out, plenty. That's because it's a funny, clever little show with a great cast. I don't watch it every week, but have a friend named (identity protected) who will laugh through an entire season on DVD in a single weekend. Not too many Canadian TV shows can make that claim.  Unless of course someone puts the Beachcombers on DVD soon. 


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Bob Pugh

I have watch all 5 season in a weekend, as an IT professional who supports europe and asia my work schedule (at home) affords me plenty of "Quiet time" to enjoy one episode after another.
thanks to Corner Gas for lightening up my nights and good luck to all!!!
Will miss you Immensly

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