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April 16, 2008


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so what's the solution to rising prices

there is a constrained production network - which spikes prices for everyone whenever any part of the system encounters a problem

a constrained supply system - OPEC and hangers-on Canada, Russia etc.. who ride on their coattails

unconstrained demand in emerging economies trying to produce and ship for global consumption

a shift in biofuel demand that is raising the price of food around the world - which if unchecked has the makings of an epic human tragedy

a speculators market in the commodity exchanges that effectively raises the price for all - regardless of the supply/demand

How much money does the upstream need to make before its satisfied

Do we need governments to enact a profit surcharge tax to moderate profit taking

Is fuel now a strategic resource - too important to be passing through so many (speculative) hands

At what point do corporations begin to share some of the responsibility for what is happening around them

Like the ancient Chinese proverb states
"May you live in interesting times"

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