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Qtips_3 A few weeks ago, someone called to ask me about gas prices. We talked for awhile and then the woman asked, “Well, what advice can you give people on how to cope with higher fuel prices?”

I think it was a rhetorical question – as in, she didn’t think there would be any advice to give. But actually, there are a number of tips out there. Here are some (randomly selected) examples:
US Government
"Fun on the Net"
Alberta Motor Association
Petro-Canada (this one wasn’t quite so randomly selected)

You’ll notice different wording – gallons instead of litres; tyres instead of tires…but the basic message is the same. These tips are pretty easy things to do. And combined, they can make real improvements to your mileage.

A word of caution though: there also appear to be some wives’ tale tips out there. Some say, for example, that keeping the tailgate down on a truck will improve aerodynamics and therefore, fuel efficiency. The Government of Canada disagrees. And here’s another one: Jon told me about an old friend who believed that putting bigger tires on the back of a car would improve fuel efficiency because it would be like going downhill all the time. Not so sure about that one.

The point is – there are some good tips out there. Have a look, try some and see how they work. After all, it can’t hurt.

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