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BC carbon tax: I’ve heard about it…but what is it?

A carbon tax will take effect in BC as of July 1, 2008.

After talking to some people in Vancouver (watch the carbon tax video I posted last week), I learned that some people know all about the carbon tax; others are a little less informed.

If you fall into the latter category, check out this second video (below or via YouTube) on how much the tax will cost you and what the government has planned to mitigate the impact on consumers.

NOTE: in the video, you will hear about specific tax rates for gasoline and diesel. Since filming, these rates have been reduced. Here are the new rates.


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Robert Jardine

I work for Petro-Canada and like the educational approach to identifying where the additional cost at the pump is coming from.

But however valiant the effort, why do we voluntarily diminish it by taking a defensive position for the government? Fact; BC has instituted an additional tax. Fact; BC has not reduced income tax.

Why don’t we ask someone who lives in the country, drives a significant amount to support their family and heats their home with furnace oil what they think? And remember: BC has not reduced any tax as a result of instituting this one.

I'd ask the government: Would you jump before you knew how much it would hurt? I guess if you were asking someone else to do it, it really wouldn’t matter would it?

Kelli Stevens

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the comment. We were actually trying to be pretty neutral on the issue. As far as I’ve heard from the government, they do plan to cut income taxes.

There's some information about that on their website that didn't exist when I first posted this video. You might want to check out

Thanks again for taking the time to write.

Belley M-A

How long can we store gaz in a tank for. Let's say I buy 1000 Liters, store and only use it in 6 months. Would it change chemically?

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