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Gas Prices: A Love Story

Lovegaspump There are many serious topics when it comes to gas prices.  They fill the papers and the nightly news each day.  We've also covered a few of them in the last few weeks here on Pump Talk.  But every now and then a reporter finds a new angle that cuts through the standard stuff.  This time, it's the story of a young couple facing a choice betwen love and the gas pump.  I'm betting on love.  And the Pump Talk Love Guru is offering some advice.

Canadian Press tells the story of a young couple - Marie-Eve lives in Montreal and Stéphane lives in Ottawa - now facing higher gasoline costs for their weekend visits.   According to Stéphane... "I mean, now it's $1.35 per litre, up from $1 litre when we started dating, so really it's an extra $60 a month, approximately – the price of a night out or two."

The reporter even found a marriage and family therapist to comment on this phenomenon: "Higher travel costs "bring up other problems, especially in cash-strapped couples," she says, adding that absence does not always make the heart grow fonder.  "If you're not seeing each other as often, then that absence doesn't mean that while we are separated we are just pining for each other. Because, very often, with that distance, that's when another distraction comes along."

Seriously?  I was once in a long-distance relationship, working in radio and making barely enough money to pay rent.  Couldn't even afford a car.  But we worked every angle to get together every chance we could - bus, rentals, pay for a friends gas to hitch a ride, etc.  An extra $60 a month wouldn't have kept us apart.  It still wouldn't, although I'm happy to report we live in the same location now and have been married for almost 10 years.   Stéphane - I don't know you, but I feel I can help.  The extra money may hurt right now, but it's well worth it in the long run.  So ignore the other "distractions" that the therapist talks about and focus on love... and find other ways to save.  In the short term, you seem to have already taken steps to avoid costly nights out.      

And if you two lovebirds stick with it, get married and someday have kids...$60 a month will seem like a very small amount of money.   Good luck.

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Hi,We are on a collision course with an increasing demand for gasoline and the sharp rise in fuel prices. Something is about to break and, now more than ever, we as a society are becoming more open to real solutions.


@ the OP

Your entire post is a load of BS. Your basically saying that it's ok for oil compaines to charge however much they want for fuel, and that we as a society, should just bend over and take it up the you know what. They are not trying to find a happy median like they should, where the make the max amount of money, whilest not charging an arm and a leg for their product. But as they say, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and unless we do something about it, we'll all suffer for it.

Jon Hamilton

Thanks for the comment Jed.

I get your frustration, but let me explain what I was trying to do with the post. I get that there are serious questions when it comes to gas prices. Many have been covered on this blog as we try to go beyond the basic headlines and soundbites and keep it interesting. I just found this story amongst the typical stuff and thought it was worth sharing. Why? When I read the story, I was reminded of what my wife and I went through when we were living in different cities. An extra $60 a month, especially when it was compared to the cost of 1-2 nights out, standing in the way of true love struck me as funny. So rather than say, well it's not a serious story, so I'll skip it, I decided to write about it. How to operate a corporate blog is still up for debate. But if I think of it as a conversation, then you have to mix in some humour with the serious. Otherwise it can get boring.

I wish all the best for that young couple and any other couple trying to make a long-distance relationship work. I know it's not easy. But when it works, it's worth every penny.


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