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Gas Supply Situation in Western Canada

You may have seen the news coverage regarding the gas supply issue in Western Canada.  If you didn't, you can find some of it here, here, here and here.  We put out a news release early yesterday, which is posted below in the "read more" section, to help our customers understand the situation and what we are doing in response.  As this story is of interest to a number of people, we plan to use this blog to provide updates and further context as this situation evolves.  Please check back or sign up for email notifications if you want more information.      

Petro-Canada Takes Steps to Minimize Consumer Inconvenience After Unexpected Shortfall of Gasoline at Its Edmonton Refinery

Petro-Canada is currently working to minimize the inconvenience to customers in Alberta and the interior of British Columbia as it deals with an unexpected supply shortfall of gasoline at its Edmonton refinery.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the catalytic cracking unit, a key part of gasoline production at Petro-Canada's Edmonton refinery had to be shut down last week. This has limited the supply of gasoline, forcing Petro-Canada to temporarily reduce the volume of gasoline delivered to customers and associates. As a result, customers in Alberta and the interior of British Columbia may notice outages of gasoline at some Petro-Canada retail sites.

"We regret any inconvenience that this unplanned situation may cause our customers," said Dan Sorochan, Vice-President of Refining & Supply. "We are working hard to minimize the impact of this situation and have established a dedicated team of employees to focus on this top priority."

Petro-Canada has taken direct and immediate action to minimize the potential inconvenience to its customers:

  • We are working to repair the gasoline processing unit safely and as quickly as possible.
  • We are adjusting our national and local distribution channels to maximize gasoline availability in Western Canada.
  • We are deploying as many trucks as possible to move gasoline into the area and are working through our supply channels to source additional gasoline supply.
    We have placed the proper priorities on serving Essential Services.
  • Temporary safety and notification measures have been put in place to clearly identify any sites that are experiencing a temporary outage. Most notably, price signs will be "zeroed-out."

"While gasoline deliveries are continuing, we wanted to ensure our customers were aware of the situation," added Sorochan. "Despite the potential for short-term retail site outages, gasoline will continue to be available at many locations while we work through this situation."


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