Update#4: Making Progress - One Big Step at a Time
Update#6: Restarting the Cat Cracker

Update #5: Outages

You may have picked up the paper or surfed the web this morning and read that approximately 80-90 Petro-Canada retail sites in Alberta and the interior of British Columbia are now out of gas due to the unplanned Cat Cracker outage at our Edmonton Refinery. 

If you live in the area, this range likely didn't come as much of a surprise.  If it did, then let me offer some context.  This has been the "steady-state" for almost a week as the strategic measures we implemented in the early stages of this situation to serve as many customers as possible successfully took hold.  To help explain those measures and what it would mean, I posted an update last Friday August 15th, which also appeared in the media.  In it, I included the following:

Due to current circumstances, we may see 80-90, largely company sites, out of gasoline for a period of time, or 2-3% of the total gas stations in the region. 

While our efforts to-date have helped to stabilize the situation and minimize the level of inconvenience to our customers, our all-out approach to return the situation to normal as quickly as possible continue.   

Jon Hamilton



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Since there is/was a shortage of Gasoline at Petro-Canada, why did the gas price not increase to reflect this?

Also, if our gasoline markets between Canada (Alberta) and the United states are so closely related that a storm in the US raises our prices, why haven't the stations remained fuill by simply buying gasoline on this "market" that we are apart of.

Something doesn't smell right here.


I was wondering why there is no diesal at the Petro Passes for the Truckers. Why is the Truckers scrambling for Fuel What is going on???


Why is there no diesal for the Truckers??? At the Petro Passes???

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