Update #5: Outages
Update#7: Thoughts on Timing

Update#6: Restarting the Cat Cracker

We have restarted the Cat Cracker at the Edmonton Refinery and are proceeding in a measured way to increase production.  It’s a complex unit and the start-up process involves many stages.  Simply put, it’s not like rebooting your computer.  A successful startup requires a strong focus on safety and a lot of patience. There are no short-cuts.  This is an industry standard process designed to steadily increase the unit’s capacity to produce gasoline. 

In addition, we will maintain our additional supply operations that now involve rail and a temporary fleet of almost 40 trucks.  This effort has distributed millions of litres of gasoline into the region over the last two weeks and helped minimize the inconvenience to our customers.

This two-pronged approach will help us to replenish inventories that have been drawn down to keep serving customers.  While we’re not out of the woods yet, customers should start to see things improve by the weekend.

Jon Hamilton


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