Update#6: Restarting the Cat Cracker
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Update#7: Thoughts on Timing

Canada_map_cam_in_vanIf you read or heard some of the news coverage about the supply situation in Western Canada today, you might have thought there was a bit of a disconnect.   All reports were based on the same information contained in yesterday’s update and generally well done, but some appear to be a little more enthusiastic on timelines that we projected.  Problem is, it’s difficult to give a definite timeline when we’ll be back to normal.  With the steps we’ve taken, we will start to see improvements across the region over the weekend and into next week, but it’s going to take more time than that to overcome the challenges ahead of us.  Please click below for a more detailed overview.

We have to replenish a lot of inventory at various locations spread across a large and vast piece of geography.  The only way to get gasoline to a retail station is by truck and there are a limited number of tanker trucks and drivers available beyond what we’ve already deployed.   Each truck has to be loaded and then travel on the same busy roads and highways that you and I do to get to their destination.  Once there, they have to unload and then travel back.  In short, the Cat Cracker has been restarted and our additional supply measures continue to move gasoline into the region, however we’ve got a lot of catching up to do and a lot of kilometres to travel.

As a result, retail sites that were out of gas will come back online at different times depending on our ability to supply and distribute product – just as those that ran out of gasoline did so at different times. 

While some improvements will be noticed in the region in the coming days and even as early as the weekend, it will take some time before we are back to business-as-usual. 

To sum up where we’re at:

  • We have restarted the Cat Cracker at the Edmonton Refinery and are proceeding in a measured way to increase production. 
  • We will maintain our additional supply operations that now involve rail and a temporary fleet of almost 40 trucks.

So while I appreciate the enthusiasm, I wanted to ensure that our customers understood that progress has been made, but we are not completely out of the woods yet. Thanks again for your support and patience.

Jon Hamilton

Photo Credit: Cam in Van


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