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Back to School

School_crossing_limonadaIt's back to school time, which means a lot of thing to a lot of people.  But it should mean one thing to all of us - Be Safe. 

School buses move slow and stop often.  Kids will be kids and quickly cross the street without looking to catch up with friends.  And parents will worry.   So if you're driving, keep an eye out for the flashing stop signs, crosswalks and backpack-toting kids that took the summer off.   Every kid knows how to cross a street properly, but at this time of year they are excited and anxious to see their friends and get to know their new teachers.   So let's all be grown-ups and show some patience on the roads this week.  It'll help ensure the kids get to school and back home again safely.  There's nothing more important than that.

We'll talk about gas prices, the gasoline situation in Alberta and BC and many other topics again shortly.   But as a parent of two anxious and excited kids, I wanted to take a quick break to share this safety reminder.