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Update#8: Progress Update

Waterglass_cdwaldiWe have made great progress over the last week executing our plan to replenish inventories and improve our ability to serve our customers.  That plan includes a fleet of trucks, rail cars and Cat Cracker production from the Edmonton Refinery.

As we have been moving product from Vancouver eastward for some time, we have seen the earliest progress in the interior of British Columbia.  The vast majority of sites that were out of gas in British Columbia have now received shipments and should be back selling gasoline again.  We still need to build inventory levels, so we’re not back to business as usual, but customers should be able to get gasoline and other goods at their local Petro-Canada.

Customers in Alberta will have noticed a number of Petro-Canada stations that were displaying zeros on the price sign are selling gasoline again.  While we have made good progress replenishing inventories, we still have more work to do.   

There is only one way to deliver gasoline to a service station – by truck, and that takes time, drivers and a lot of kilometres.   As the gasoline situation has improved, we have added more Petro-Canada sites to our distribution lists and reduced the number of stations in the region that were out of gasoline by more than half.

Our efforts to replenish inventories continue and we are pleased with the progress we have made so far.  As sites have opened up the gas bars again, we have also been pleased to see many of our customers  return to fill up their tanks.   The patience and understanding expressed by our customers over the last few weeks is fully appreciated as we continue to work our way through this situation.   

Jon Hamilton

Photo Credit: cdwaldi


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You guys just continue to do your great job!!!!!

We are more than happy to pay whatever price you feel like charging us.

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