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Gas Prices: Pre-Boxing Day Blowout or Mimi at Work?

Mimi What a difference a few weeks can make.  Just two months ago gas prices hit levels that had not been seen before after riding a wave of high crude oil prices throughout much of 2008 that crashed right into a nasty hurricane season.  Now, we’ve turned back the clock to pump prices not seen since Mariah Carey was at the top of the charts.  Sadly, and somewhat surprisingly, I’m only talking about the album she released in 2005, but still.  Before I start to feel any older, let me share some charts.

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Aerodynamic drag and babies? ‘Cause babies come with a lot of stuff!

I had no idea how much stuff babies come with. Ok, so the actual babies don’t arrive with the stuff, but it’s the stuff you need, or perhaps accumulate, when you have a baby that has me floored. And I think all that stuff is going to have my car crammed.

So is it time to say hello to the roof box and goodbye to fuel efficiency?

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What goes up...

auction_thekevinchang If you listened to the many long-term gas price predictions made by third-party ‘experts’ throughout the year you may be somewhat surprised by the prices you see at the pump today.   At one point it seemed like a bidding war in the press…I hear someone predicting $1.50 a litre by the end of the year?  Do I hear $1.60?  A Toonie? Sold.

Did anyone step forward early in the year to predict prices would be lower now than they were in 2007 or 2006?  If so, I missed it.  But that’s where we’re at.  Explains why I don’t make predictions.  That, and the legal issues of course.   

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