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Gas Station Gifts without the Guilt

Bad videos Have you ever been on the prowl for a last-minute Christmas gift?  At a time of night when there is nothing open but gas stations and drug stores?   I've been there before and the results weren't pretty.  And trust me fellas, individually wrapping each crummy little gift doesn't help.  When she's already simmering after opening wine gums and a magazine, you wish you could make the waiting stack of wrapped (and equally shoddy) gifts dissapear. 

Now the best thing to do is plan ahead, put lists and a budget together, etc...but who am I kidding?  Christmas is just about here and plenty of you probably haven't even ventured out yet.   Well don't fear, there is hope and it doesn't involve going into a packed mall (or advice from me).   

Sheri Block & Constance Droganes a/k/a The Power Shoppers of CTV.ca dropped by a Petro-Canada station to see if they could get some last-minute gifts that didn't look, well, last-minute.  Or as they put it:

When it's 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve and you've got no presents ready and one hour to get yourself to the first party of the season, a gas station can start to look mighty good.

They went looking for gifts under $25 for four hard-to-buy-for people:

  1. The boss you need to impress.
  2. The picky teenager (male and female).
  3. The worldly brother we adore.
  4. The car-loving friend who calls his wheels his "baby."

Needless to say, they did a much better job than I did all those years ago.  I won't spoil it as it's worth reading about their shopping adventure and creative finds.  And there are many good ideas for buying gifts on a budget at places like the grocery store, a dollar store and Holt Renfrew.  

So learn from my mistakes.  Learn from the Power Shoppers.  Consider it an early present from me.

Photo Credit: Neil McIntosh


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