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4 entries from December 2008

Pump Talk: Best of 2008

Rearviewmirror_mischiru What would the end of another year be without a look back at the highs and lows of the last 12 months?  PumpTalk celebrated it's first birthday sometime in September (exact date is still up for debate), which means 2008 was the first full-year of "being part of the conversation".   I'm getting a little tired of that phrase, but it still has meaning because we certainly were part of some interesting conversations in 2008.

So, for our loyal readers or those just dropping by, allow me to share the highs, lows and funny bits that stuck out in a pretty remarkable year.

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Gas Station Gifts without the Guilt

Bad videos Have you ever been on the prowl for a last-minute Christmas gift?  At a time of night when there is nothing open but gas stations and drug stores?   I've been there before and the results weren't pretty.  And trust me fellas, individually wrapping each crummy little gift doesn't help.  When she's already simmering after opening wine gums and a magazine, you wish you could make the waiting stack of wrapped (and equally shoddy) gifts dissapear. 

Now the best thing to do is plan ahead, put lists and a budget together, etc...but who am I kidding?  Christmas is just about here and plenty of you probably haven't even ventured out yet.   Well don't fear, there is hope and it doesn't involve going into a packed mall (or advice from me).   

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Who is Canada's Most Influential Man or Woman in Social Media? is hosting the first-ever contest and it's worth checking out if social media is something that interests you.  Lots of good links to interesting blogs and people breaking new ground.  Yes, I'm one of the 70-plus nominees and honoured to be there, but there are many more deserving men on the list. 

My vote goes to Brendan Hodgson who has taught me and many others in the corporate world so much about the need to listen, engage and take the plunge.  On the female side, it's easy...Kate Trgovac of  She's smart, funny and has made it her life mission to get people (like me) into the space in a way that adds to the discussion. 

Gas Prices...Strange Magic or Upside Down?

Elo_shootingstargaze There has been a lot going on in the world over the last few weeks.  Gas prices still get some media and blog attention, but with prices lower than anyone could have imagined just two months ago, people and reporters have clearly moved on to other immediate and interesting news.   There are still a few nuggets out there though, so I thought I'd share. 

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