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3 entries from February 2009

Crude Down. Gas Prices Up? Part 2

Hiddenkitten_aftab I've been getting a fair number of comments on my post from January 23rd, where I attempted to respond to the perception that gasoline prices had not dropped enough in relation to dropping crude oil prices.   Now, rather than wade in on each comment, I decided to watch the stream of comments to see where it would go.  Even after a year and a half, I'm still trying to figure out when it's right for me to respond and when to just let people talk.  Now I see some feel no one is paying attention, which wasn't my intent.  So Anita, Sophia, Jim and the others (especially you Cliff), let me provide further detail. 

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Start the Countdown. Pass it on.

One year from today, the Olympic Winter Games will begin in Vancouver.   As a major supporter of Canada's athletes since 1988, we're all pretty excited.  So excited, we created this short video to suggest a few ways we could give Canadian athletes the winning edge in 2010.

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Why I like the Gas Man (kind of)

Valentine_jikido-san No I haven't lost my mind.  A little while ago, the Toronto Star ran a feature on the Gas Man himself - Dan McTeague and quoted me as saying "I'll probably take some flak for this at the office...but I kind of like the guy".  My prediction came true.  I did take some flak. So why was I saying nice things about the guy I had spent the better part of 9 years debating on radio, tv and in newspapers?  No, I hadn't spent the day sitting in a warm room blowing up air mattresses without a pump.  And no, I don't agree with him.    Allow me to share... 

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