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Who’s helping you save $ during Depression 2.0?

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Is it just me, or has every advertiser on the planet honed in on the saving money message? There seem to be A LOT of advertising dollars being spent on campaigns telling folks that how we buy a particular a sandwich, car, cell phone etc , will save us money.  But I’m interested in some objective advice from someone other than a company’s advert.

Everywhere I go, people are talking about how they are saving money, “It’s all about cash preservation” I heard someone say today in the elevator. It seems, the more people save, the more money advertisers spend telling people how they have the answer to help them save.

So I’m on the hunt looking for objective tips on how to save money. For example, I just received my April issue of Canadian Living. And right on the cover it says 21 ways to cut fuel costs. Yes, my interest was piqued.

There are many good tips in this article. Here are my three favourites:

Reduce idling 
In the winter, I can understand why people want to warm up their cars a bit, but with spring just around the corner and much warmer temperatures, there is NO good reason why people should be warming up their cars or leaving them running while waiting for someone. Please turn it off folks and please resist the temptation to use your remote starter every day (Dear Mum, this one’s for you.)

Get regular tune-ups
I’m told, this is one thing new mums overlook. And just like new mums, our cars need some TLC too. Think of it as preventative maintenance. At least that’s how I explain the bills to my hubby.

Use the other options
I realize that carpooling, public transit, walking or biking might not work for everyone all the time. But even if it works for you some of the time, it’s better than none of the time, right? Maybe you walk to the corner store for that litre of milk instead of driving to the supermarket. If you’re anything like me, chances are that when you’re walking, you’ll be less likely to buy more stuff than you initially intended because you know you have to carry it home.

All these tips (and more) are posted on the Petro-Canada website too. And we’ve previously highlighted a couple of the specific tips on this blog – give it up for ‘tire pressure’ and ‘watch your weight.’

The short story. Seek credible, reliable sources of information.

As a new mum, I’m looking for those trusted sources of information and yes, Canadian Living fits the bill. I know, I know … only a few posts back from maternity leave, and I am sooo into mummy mode. I’ve turned into a pony-tail sportin’, sensible shoe wearin’ (bye bye high heels), station-wagon drivin’, Canadian Living readin’ new mum.  So cliché. The funny thing is, I’m totally okay with it!

Now, all I need to do now is start clipping coupons, which would be fitting for these times.

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