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Friendly Winter Safety Reminders

Ice stairs
Now I’m not trying to hurry-up winter.  And I’m definitely not wishing for more snow.  But as we move into the holiday season, I think it’s a perfect time to re-focus, and look for ways to keep safe.

Safety is a core value for our company, and as I read some the helpful hints sent to employees, I realize that they translate well into most workplaces or even at home.

So in the spirit of sharing – I offer you some helpful reminders on staying safe this season.

  • Lead by example and never cut corners in terms of working safely. 
  • Watch out for others and don’t be afraid to speak up if someone is placing themselves or others at risk.  Don’t simply ‘walk by’. 
  • Always use the handrails and be fully attentive when using stairs whether you are outside or inside of a building. 
  • If you see a hazard, do something about it. If you can’t personally make the change, report it to someone who can. 
  • Be wary of extremely slippery surfaces that might be present from ice, sometimes hidden under fresh snow, or melted snow.
  • Talk about current safety issues and success stories in your area. For meetings, use safety moments specific to your work environment. 
  • Be vocal about safe work practices.  Look for opportunities to talk about potential hazards and safe work practices. 
  • Learn from each other. Report near misses so others can be aware of issues.

Remember to be safe, and to look out for each other.

Photo credit: Etolane


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