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January 22, 2010


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Lee Krause

Full service is now law in the state of Oregon, and the prices are the same as those in Washington State or California.
The reasons for the law are numerous, but many are due to safety reasons.

·People with training in pumping are better at keeping down fire risk

- It is nearly impossible to enforce safety standards on the driving public

·Seniors and disabled drivers can’t get adequate help at self-serve stations, and are instead forced to find a full-service outlet and pay a higher price

·Oregon’s rainy climate leads to more slick spots at gas stations, meaning higher liability insurance rates

·Decreased maintenance of pumps because they aren’t regularly monitored

·Self-service contributes to unemployment – especially among young people

·Exposure to toxic fumes is a health hazard

·Toxic fume exposure is heightened for pregnant women

·Gas drive-off thefts are cut down with the law

-Children are sometimes left unattended when customers go to make payment

Oregon State Code lays it all out in black and white: only trained employees of service stations are allowed to put so-called “Class 1 Flammable Liquids” into cars.

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