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Safe driving tips – what’s out there? Plenty!

As a mom who spends a considerable amount of time behind the wheel catering to her children’s athletic and social wishes and demands…….(sigh.)…. I am always on the look out for tips/tricks to make my drive easier/safer/cheaper!  So I thought I’d start the new year off by doing some ‘safe driving’ surfing and see what’s out there. Now keep in mind that while the internet is a fantastic source of information, there are a lot of shoddy characters who are just trying to lure you into their site for inappropriate purposes….so safety surfer, beware.

Here are a few fun safe driving sites that have unique and different tidbits of info:

Drive Smart BC
BC focused, but check out the FAQs that include answers to questions such as:
Is it illegal to drive with bare feet in British Columbia?

Canadian Driver
The home of ‘Canada’s online auto magazine’, this site has tons of archived articles that range from ‘how to test drive’ to ’50 ways to love your beater.’

Road Safety First
Found at the home of TD Insurance, this site includes quizzes and trivia and also features ‘Ask Dr. Hazard’ who answers questions from readers that include:
So, is it against the law to apply gloss while driving, or what?

Have fun surfing…and let me know of other legit sites that have great info – and a sense of humour.

Val Mitchell


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