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Future car Growing up on the border with Michigan, I can’t help but feel the influence of the Motor City. It goes without saying that Detroit hasn’t had an easy time of it lately, but one thing that definitely revs the city up is the annual Auto Show, which just wrapped up this past weekend. This is the biggest car show in the world, and many of the vehicles on display look like something you’d expect to see on the Jetsons. Certainly there was plenty of attention paid to how low key an event it was this year compared with years’ past, but what struck me most was the marked increase in focus on “green” and compact vehicles. Virtually every major automaker had hybrid, diesel and fuel-cell vehicles on display. While traditional technology clearly reigns with hybrid sales only accounting for only about 3% of all auto sales, it’s neat to have a little look into the future and imagine what kind of car my kids may be driving one day. On second thought, maybe I don’t want to think about that too much…

Photo credit: quasimonda



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