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I spend way too much time in my car. With three teenagers in my household, I’m always driving someone somewhere – or picking up groceries because the fridge is empty at 10 pm. on a Wednesday. 

I came across an alarming statistic…did you know that we spend, on average, about three years of our life in our cars?  And, did you also know that that car is teeming with bacteria? Guess where the number one dirtiest spot is?  The gear shift – followed by the trunk! Check out this story about a microbiologist survey of 1,376 car owners and their cars in England. (The gear shift has 356 germs per square centimetre.)

The cars where children and pets frequently ride not only had the highest amount of bacteria, but also the greatest range of types of bacteria. Cars with higher mileage had more bacteria and worse fungal air quality. And 16 percent of the survey participants confessed they typically leave uneaten food inside the vehicle instead of throwing it in the trash. Ugh.

After reading this…(and then gingerly sitting in my car and keeping my gloves on!)…I am putting together a special kit to keep in my ‘home away from home’ that consists of paper towels, small cloth towel, window cleaner, tissues, wet wipes, and trash bags.

And my new motto will be: grab and chuck. Don't leave the car empty-handed, and that also applies to your passengers (especially your kids.) Make sure everyone grabs their empty cups and other trash. Getting in the habit of removing trash from the car each time you get out of it will make a huge difference in your ability to keep your car interior clean.

Photo credit: Erik R. Bishoff


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