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I’m thinking of buying a new car. But seriously….a Zoe?

Zoe concept
Over the years there have been hundreds of different names of car models:  Mustang, Thunderbird, Lincoln, Cadillac, Impala, Chevette, Camaro…the list is endless.
But according to Phil Martens, Ford Motor’s group vice president for production creation (quoted in “What’s in a Name?”) “Naming is one of the most arduous and crappy tasks that an organization has to do.”  And Steve Lyons, president of the Ford division agreed. ‘It’s harder than naming your children.”

French carmaker Renault is currently facing a backlash over plans to christen a new car model Zoe. Apparently, Zoe Renault, a 23 year old Parisian, is not thrilled about being associated with a car for the rest of her life.

But really, does it matter to you what your car’s ‘name’ is?  Years ago I drove a chocolate brown Mercury Monarch we lovingly called ‘Mona’.  Enough said.

Photo credit:Conhunter

The Unofficial Kick-Off to Summer

Long weekend beach I had a typical drive in to work today.  I waited in traffic at the same spots.  I stopped to get my morning tea at my regular stop.  I surfed around on the radio, depending what song was playing.  Yet this morning, while I flipped through the stations, I recognized a familiar trending topic that seemed to be top of mind for everyone.   For me, it’s a topic that marks the official kick-off to summer.  Now for most, that would be the May long weekend, but for me it’s long weekend gas prices.   

We’ve talked about this in the past, but I thought I’d highlight some information out there. 

I realize that for a lot of people, they have their minds made up regarding long weekend gas prices, but it never hurts to look at the information out there.

Love this site – barrels of information.  (Excuse the pun)

A throw back to last year – great information never gets old

A good list of Q&A’s – check out question #9.   

I wish you all a fantastic and safe long weekend! 

Photo credit:  suburbanbloke

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Our work with PumpTalk has been going now for a couple years, and continues to grow and evolve.  I’ve also been using TWITTER now for a while and have a profile that I’d like to invite you to follow:  SuncorMichael.

To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how many of these social media tools work, so I’m not going to promise that I’ll be a frequent tweeter, but I will try.  Also, since this is an account that I originally created for personal use before I re-named it as SuncorMichael, you may be subjected to some of the more mundane bits of my life like what’s happening in my daughter’s soccer game, or which bow tie I recently added to my now growing collection; but even that kind of information is all part of who we are as people first, and then contributors to PumpTalk next.
So, if you’re interested, I look forward to connecting through TWITTER as well at the following URL:


A new way to recycle rubber

Came across this interesting story about some forbidding creatures that spent much of the winter lurking in the parking lot and preying on random visitors and staffers down in the Everglades. Sounds like these critters have taken a real shine to….auto parts - in particular, door seals and windshield wipers.  Let’s call it ‘car snacking’.