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The Unofficial Kick-Off to Summer

Long weekend beach I had a typical drive in to work today.  I waited in traffic at the same spots.  I stopped to get my morning tea at my regular stop.  I surfed around on the radio, depending what song was playing.  Yet this morning, while I flipped through the stations, I recognized a familiar trending topic that seemed to be top of mind for everyone.   For me, it’s a topic that marks the official kick-off to summer.  Now for most, that would be the May long weekend, but for me it’s long weekend gas prices.   

We’ve talked about this in the past, but I thought I’d highlight some information out there. 

I realize that for a lot of people, they have their minds made up regarding long weekend gas prices, but it never hurts to look at the information out there.

Love this site – barrels of information.  (Excuse the pun)

A throw back to last year – great information never gets old

A good list of Q&A’s – check out question #9.   

I wish you all a fantastic and safe long weekend! 

Photo credit:  suburbanbloke


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