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Technology – Isn’t it great?!

Iphoneapp A few months ago, I talked about trying to find a car wash outside the area that I live, and how I was able to find that information on our ‘Locations Page’. 

Now, we’ve taken it one step further.  I definitely would not consider myself a technical person when it comes to phones and gadgets.  I still haven’t fully figured out how to use my iPod.  (In fact, I had to search for what it was called as I type this… sad – I know).

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No flip flops allowed!

Flip flops Something we've recently added to our frequent discussions about safety at the Commerce City refinery is the concept of making safety more personal. So, what does that mean? Think of it in terms of safety around your house in the summer. Take something as simple as mowing the lawn. The first time your teenager heads out to cut the grass, you want to make sure the job is done safely. You check that he or she is wearing the right footwear, (no flip flops allowed!), eye and hearing protection, and you go over the safe operation of the lawn mower.

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Minding our Beeswax

After careful consideration, we've removed this morning's post entitled "No swimming or fishing?" We know there is much debate and discussion right now about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. We also know it's a sensitive topic and one to be left to those that are directly involved.

We extend our best wishes to all of the companies and inviduals who are working hard to address the issues with the incident. At Suncor Energy, we continue to work hard  and maintain our focus on safety, environmental sustainability, reliability and people. Our employees across Suncor dedicate themselves every day to ensure safe and reliable operations at all of our assets and facilities. It's our commitment, our job and our license to operate.

The Straight Goods…

Messenger Media coverage and water cooler discussions are increasing as we move closer to the July 1st implementation date for the HST in BC and Ontario.

There is a lot to learn about the Harmonized Sales Tax and what it means for the residents of each province (Am I eligible for a tax rebate?  What taxes apply to diapers?  Is that sandwich going to cost me more after July 1st?). 

As a business operator in both provinces, we have spent a lot of time deciphering what it all means for our company (painstaking work and, if nothing else, I have a greater appreciation for our accounting team).

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