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Technology – Isn’t it great?!

Iphoneapp A few months ago, I talked about trying to find a car wash outside the area that I live, and how I was able to find that information on our ‘Locations Page’. 

Now, we’ve taken it one step further.  I definitely would not consider myself a technical person when it comes to phones and gadgets.  I still haven’t fully figured out how to use my iPod.  (In fact, I had to search for what it was called as I type this… sad – I know).

Having said that – some of the great minds that work here are technical, and they know the most convenient way of getting information out to all of us.  Which is why, we recently introduced an app for iPhones called ‘PetroFinder’.  This handy app tells you the price of gas, what amenities the 5 closest stations have (e.g. restaurant, car repair, bank machine, car wash) and whether or not they are open.  And to take it one step further, it then automatically maps directions for you. 

And from what we see – it’s the only free app available in Canada for gas stations, to offer this level of detail.

Maybe I’m just easily impressed by technology, but this seems like something that would come in very handy when I’m lost driving home from up north this weekend…


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