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Time To Slow Down.

When I was dropping my daughter off at school this morning, the local police had pulled someone over in a speed trap they had set up right in front of the school.  My reaction, to be honest, was “FINALLY!”

Perhaps it is a function of school having just come back last week and drivers forgetting that the big brown building they zip past every day is a school, but even I had noticed that traffic was moving by without slowing down at all.

I was talking about this with my colleagues around the office last week, and Erin pointed out an article that she had seen in the Toronto Star, where in West Vancouver they are experimenting with a decal that produces a 3-dimensional optical illusion to shock drivers into slowing down.  Having watched the YouTube video, I think the first time this popped out at you it would be very effective, if not even scary.  But, if it gets people to slow down in front of the school, I’m all for it!

I know this post isn’t about gas pricing or fuel efficiency; however it is a core belief for each of us at Suncor that safety is our first priority in everything we do.  This includes getting to and from work, and for me, getting to work includes dropping my daughter off at school.

Watch the video.  Even if this is just an experiment and we don’t all see it first hand, I hope it’s a bit of a reminder to each of us to be extra careful when you’re driving past a school.  Please watch out and slow down.


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