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My favourite driving tips


If I were asked to list the best piece of driving advice I’ve ever received, I’d probably refuse. I’d refuse because I really see three items as being on my list. These are applicable to all drivers and multiple situations - unless you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have to endure winter. In that case, skip the winter driving tip which I conveniently placed last! So back to the list:

  1. Plan your route / look ahead
  2. How to set your mirrors
  3. If you’re sliding on ice, never brake

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Embrace life

 As a firm believer in seatbelt wearing,  I am amazed to continue to hear stories about people dying in car accidents, and the infamous words “…was not wearing a seatbelt.”

We’ve all seen the stats – 33 per cent of people who die in vehicle fatalities failed to buckle up.  Without a seatbelt, car drivers and passengers put themselves at risk of being ejected from a vehicle, and 76 per cent of the time the ejection ends in death.

Watch this video…and you will be reminded as to why you need to buckle up.

Kicking the 5,000 km Habit

4847035187_5f44301326_b Ever since buying my first car (a Mazda 626) twenty years ago, my dad has regularly reminded me to get an oil change. I took this advice to heart and have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from giving your car a little TLC every 5,000 km.

After buying a new car this past spring, I happily drove into the service bay at the local dealership to get my 5,000 km fix.  After showing me the gauge on my dashboard display that highlights ‘oil life’ (who knew?), he sent me away and told me that my car only needs an oil change every 16,000 km.  Everything my dad had ever taught me about cars was in question.

After doing a little research (i.e. a Google search), I discovered that this trend has been going on for years.  Advances in technology have led to cleaner, more durable lubricants and engines, resulting in less waiting time in the service department room for drivers.

I am now left wondering what other parental advice I need to challenge.  Stay tuned.

Getting Prepared

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in a while so it’s nice to be back. I’ve been busy moving house which means getting used to a new commute, finding a new gas station and getting the house ready for winter. I’m not too sure why but I’ve recently had this impending dread about the upcoming winter. As a condo owner previously, I’m consistently afraid of leaks and mould – thanks HGTV. So my current obsession is where to buy and store my winter tires. Though my car has all-season tires, I do a lot of driving and as we say at Suncor, Safety First. So as I go off to buy my tires, I found a good article this weekend in the Toronto Star about winter tires that I thought people might find useful.