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Just in time for the holidays

2944433112_e0051ec509_o Imagine not having to drive to your holiday celebration or to work. I mean, you’re in your car but its part of a convoy. It’s like being on a train, but in the comfort of your vehicle and you get to set the departure time. You could read, do some work or play on your iPad (as you wish)!

If you’re looking for a feeling of togetherness this holiday season, consider the following recently tested "Safe Road Trains for the Environment" (SARTRE) system. Made up of sensing technology – some of which is already in use – and some additional automation, vehicles are able to “join a convoy that moves in sync down a freeway with only the lead vehicle needing the control of a human driver.”

According to the article, the changes to vehicle systems would be pretty minor, but the payoff could be substantial. Because a vehicle’s computer can react faster than you or I can, there’s less chance of a collision and everything moves faster on the whole. I love to drive, but the idea of safer AND faster at once is intriguing. Of course if you didn’t want to be part of a convoy, you needn’t be. While this was just a test, it certainly gave me pause when considering the amount of traffic and distance we’ll soon be covering.

Safe and happy holidays to all of our readers, families and friends! Take care and we’ll see you back here in January 2011!

Photo credit: Heavenbound


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