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Gas prices go up and down, but what causes this? And how are prices set in the first place?


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Gerry Evans

I am frustrated with the unreasonable prices of fuel,,,and don't believe all of the propoganda we hear. It is the same old...greed and money. Take from the poor and take from the poor. I am boycotting all car washes that are affiliated with gas stations. There are lots of independents and coin op places.


Perhaps she should study up on mechanics and chemistry before writing a column on personal opinion. Accelerating to speed quickly then maintaining that speed is more efficient than slowly accelerating. By quickly I don't mean a sustained burst of wide open throttle, I simply mean you should not take 1 minute to reach 100km/h like some morons do.


How do i get the card? to save .05 cents a liter?


Members of the Petro-Points™ program can redeem 15,000 Petro-Points to receive a Fuel Savings Reward card and save 5¢ per litre on 200 litres of fuel. This is available only at Petro-Canada. You can redeem at any participating Petro-Canada location.

Once you have used up the 200 litres of savings on the card, simply log in to My Petro-Canada online, redeem only 14,000 Petro-Points to reload your card and keep saving on fuel.

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