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I like hearing from the experts - whether it's about gardening, home repair or driving. Our Ultra 94 team (Ultra 94 is our premium gasoline brand) recently spent some time with Brett Goodman, the owner and race director of Bridgestone Racing Academy.

Brett is definitely a driving expert. In fact, he and Bridgestone Racing Academy recently celebrated 26 years injury-free with modern Van Diemen race cars on an in-house designed track. Pretty amazing! He and the Ultra 94 team created a series of videos about performance driving that I thought some of our PumpTalk readers might be interested in. Check out the first four videos:  

Episode 1: How to Set Your Following Distance
Episode 2: Anticipating Your Next Move, Gretzy-style
- Episode 3: Being the Traction Manager for Your Family
- Episode 4: How to Avoid Skids

We've also embedded the videos below:


You can also visit our Ultra 94 Facebook Fan Page

Look for Episodes 5-8 coming soon!

- Erin F.


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