Gas prices go up and down, but what causes this? And how are prices set in the first place?
Looking to get a more fuel efficient vehicle? Here are just a few options.

The Heat is On. How to Prep Your Car for Summer

At this point in the year, most people will have dutifully removed their winter tires and put on summer tires, all season tires or performance tires. But, do you know why this is advisable?

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Some might think, why not have that improved grip year round...? Because winter tires are softer, running them in warm temperatures can weaken them and actually shorten their lives.

There are at least nine other ways that you can get your vehicle ready for summer. Not the least of which is cleaning, inside and out! Consider it ‘spring cleaning’ for your vehicle. For further reading, check out this article at on prepping your car for summer. Let us know if there is anything you would add to the list!

- Erin F.


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