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Everyday I get on the highway to drive to work and notice bad habits all around me. The recent one that stunned me was a driver who popped from the rightmost lane to the merge/acceleration lane in order to pass some of us. Clearly not what the lane was intended for and quite dangerous. Really terrifying stuff!

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I personally, have a lot of theories about driving and driver education that I wish I could put into practice on a large scale! It has been very disheartening to drive in Canada, particularly in the GTA where I live. It seems that drivers have no regard for each other or for the laws that we're meant to abide by. I know that there are others who share my frustration, especially in reading Ian Law's article on "lane etiquette"  in the Toronto Star. I really enjoyed his way of describing the role of each lane, and also the public comments that others have made on the article. Confession: I just love reading the comments! So if there are so many people who feel the same way, why can't there be change?

- Erin F.


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