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One of the best things about great summer weather is being able to enjoy long drives and mini-trips throughout the season. If you're like me, and you can't always afford to take a long vacation ALL the time, you may look for those well deserved day trips that let you escape from reality - if only for a few hours. 

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Wherever you live, there are many places you can visit using as little as one tank of gas. Of course, how far you can go depends on what type of car you drive and what kind of gas mileage you get. One tank road trips are a great way to explore your neck of the woods, whether you're taking your kids on a mini-adventure or day-tripping with friends.

Some of my favourite day trips include finding a great park to go for a hike, catching a local auto show and shine, or just going for a beautiful scenic drive. If I'm lacking inspiration, though, it's fun to check out a site like Day Trips Canada for places that I've never heard of or "always meant to visit". The Butter Tart Trail is looking pretty good...

Part of the fun of day-trips is that they do require less planning than a longer vacation and can be more spur of the moment. But as we all learned from 1985 road trip classic The Sure Thing, "spontaneity has its time and its place." When I decided to plan a few day trips, I realized that even if you are going for just a day, there are lots of things to think about - starting with making sure your car is ready for the drive. Here's a great article about how to plan your one-tank road trip - and tip #1 is Get a Tune-Up. Wise words!

Where are you planning to day trip this summer?

- Erin F.


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