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Summer has finally arrived! School is out for happy kids across the country. And, of course, the summer driving season is upon us.

As with every season, there are specific driving challenges in the summer. If you're a commuter, you may find that traffic is actually a little lighter. But if you're headed out of town, visiting the cottage or lake on the weekends, I can pretty much guarantee that you're going to hit traffic that would try the patience of Job.

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I asked our team here at PumpTalk to share some of their favourite summer driving tips. Here are the top three tips we came up with:

- With school being out, there are way more cyclists on the road, especially children who may have just upgraded to their first 10-speed. Slow down and be more alert - in residential areas in particular - for cyclists who may not have gotten the hang of the road just yet.

- If you're headed out of town for the weekend or for a longer road trip, take care when packing the car. Items in the back shouldn't block your view - that can compromise you and your passengers' safety. And make sure items are secure; if you have to stop quickly, you don't want tents, coolers or other items flying around.

- Your car may be stocked for a winter emergency - but how about a summer one? Waiting for CAA on the side of the road on a blistering hot day can put you and your passengers at risk for heat stroke. Be make sure you have plenty of non-melting snacks and water to keep yourself and your travelling companions (especially the furry ones) hydrated.

For more information and other summer driving safety tips, check out these links:

Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Summer Guide to Safe Driving

Canada Safety Council's Driving Tips for Summer Trips

RCMP's Summer Safe Driving Tips


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