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This week, I wanted to talk about cruise control. Given all the driving that many of us will do this summer - whether to cottages, camps or road trips - there is often the potential to benefit from using it.  This is something that I'm very passionate about - especially over a long drive when I set my speed and end up passing, being passed by and then RE-passing drivers who cannot maintain a steady speed. Anyway, let's get into the benefits, and there are several!

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Cruise control allows first and foremost for safer driving. It helps keep drivers more comfortable, keeps them from becoming too tired and avoid cramping by allowing positioning changes. Better fuel economy can be achieved, because drivers aren’t speeding up and slowing down as much. Maintaining a steady speed can also benefit drivers by leaving more time to focus on the road and not on speed. The added benefit here is avoiding speeding tickets (assuming equipment is working properly and a reasonable speed is set)!

A lot of the manufacturers now have adaptive systems which feature laser or radar readings. Using one of these, cruise control will maintain the speed as before, but will also automatically adjust the speed based on the vehicle in front. In other words, the system will slow the vehicle or speed it up to keep pace with traffic, while in keeping with the speed set by the driver. The driver can also set the amount of space between their vehicle and the one in front, in either car lengths or seconds of time.

Hopefully, most people are becoming comfortable with these systems. I know they've saved me at minimum some ankle pain!! Take care and let us know how it works out for you. Are you a convert yet?

For more information on cruise control, check out this link.

- Erin F.


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