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Diesel - Not What It Used To Be

There was a time when diesel was a bad word. It conjured up images of black, dirty smoke and a heavier, oilier smell when you filled up. I recently saw this ad on TV and it got me thinking about how diesel has changed in the last 30 plus years.


Source: - BMWUSA

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Octane Boosters and High Octane Gasoline

I am not a casual driver. I take driving very seriously, engage in it daily, and am interested in enhancing my performance in reasonable ways. This has included things like completing Advanced Driving Training with BMW, taking part in comparison drives and learning from the experts. One thing I've often wondered about is octane boosters. Since I work for Suncor, I decided to seek out our Petro-Canada fuel experts and put the question to them! Here’s the great info they shared with me.

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How Pricing Works Around the World

So, you already know that there's variance in gas prices between Canada and the US, even by province and state. Local market conditions like size of market, processing and distribution costs, overall demand and competitive price play a large role. Looking outside of North America is an interesting exercise, and one that works well visually. Here's a cool map that shows gas prices across the world.

PumpTalkPost_ 8_18_2011

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My Favourite Road Trip

I've only recently been introduced to road trips and "stay-cations". When you have the travel bug like I  do, they are just as addictive as  flying! The best road trip I ever took was from Toronto to Florence, Kentucky. This destination was not chosen, even arbitrarily, as it might seem. This was a "drive until you drop" kind of trip. It might also surprise you to know that this was taken in my MINI Cooper!


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Crude Oil, Gas Prices and So Much More

This week, I wanted to provide an updated view on crude oil and gasoline, and how prices are set. Michael Ervin is an expert gas analyst and although this Globe and Mail article is a couple years old, his responses to reader questions are extremely insightful and still hold true! He goes beyond this and also discusses diesel, the actual effect of boycotts and many other subjects.   Fascinating article: “Explaining Sky High Gasoline Prices” - hope you like it!!

- Erin F.

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