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How Your Driving Style Affects Fuel Efficiency

Green Light
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As drivers, we all deal with a variety of personalities out on the road – and we each have our own driving quirks and habits as well. Here are a few of the personalities we encounter on the road every day – and how their driving styles affect their fuel efficiency.

The Jet Fighter:

The way some people drive on the freeway, you'd think they were trying to escape the labyrinth of tunnels on the Death Star before it explodes. Weaving in and out of traffic, speeding up the shoulder, cutting over three lanes to make their exit – it must make for a pretty stressful time in the cockpit. 

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WTI vs Brent Crude - What do they mean?

Pump Jack
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When we're talking about oil prices, we see these two terms in the news a lot: WTI and Brent Crude. What do they mean - and what's the difference between the two?

Not all crude oil is created equal - different API gravity (an indication of the ability of the crude to make gasoline) and sulfur content, for example, affect the grade and classification of crude oil. WTI (an acronym for "West Texas Intermediate") and Brent Crude are two different classifications of crude oil.

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When Did Passive Driving Become So Popular?

Auto Technology

The progression in automotive technology over the last fifty years has certainly been beneficial and impressive - moving from carburetors to fuel injectors, enhancements in safety technology like ABS, traction control, stability control, electronic brake force distribution and of course, improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions.  But lately, I feel like we may be going a little too far in our technological innovations, possibly at the expense of the "joy" of driving.

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Back to School Driving Tips

School Bus
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Back to school is always an exciting time - for us and for the kids. Okay, mainly us. But with school back in session, there's a lot more traffic on the road - and a   lot of kids walking, riding and getting dropped off at school. According to Safe Kids Canada, the first two months of school are the worst for child pedestrian injury - so here are our top back to school driver safety tips to help keep you and the kids safe.


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