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Vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiency and gas pricing - that's what PumpTalk readers want!

Poll Results
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A couple weeks ago we asked you, the readers, to let us know what you would like us to post about on the PumpTalk blog.

We had a great response for this and want to thank everyone who provided us with feedback.

The purpose of the PumpTalk blog is to provide our readers with information around gas prices and fuel efficiency, but we've also been sharing tips on driver safety, vehicle maintenance, industry news and other topics related to driving and Petro-Canada.  We are pleased to know that we are on the right track, as the votes showed! We've tallied and we've tabulated, and below are the top things you want us to talk about:

  • Vehicle maintenance tips
  • Fuel efficiency links, articles, tips and tricks
  • Canadian Gas Pricing
  • Interesting links, articles and information about your vehicle
  • Articles and links related to driving
  • Information about fuel

We are glad to know that PumpTalk readers think of us as a place that they can go for vehicle maintenance tips and fuel efficiency, as these topics came in first and second!  Of course, we will continue to stay true to our roots and ensure that we are providing you with up-to-date information on pricing and fuel as it relates to Petro-Canada.  We will also work hard to cover other topics related to driving.  And of course, if you have questions, we will do our best to answer them for you. So keep the comments coming!
If you have not had a chance to let your voice be heard, the poll is still open. Visit the link to the poll here:   We Want To Know What You Think

- Julie S.


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John F.

Dear Pump Talk Team:
Years ago when some of us managed to do our own oil changes, we always used "closest to pure Pennsylvania" oil lubricant. The connotation being that this was the best for lubrication for long life of an engine.

There have been numerous oils with claims of special additives such as PTFE (teflon)that also help to promote longer life in an engine.

Now the same is with Synthetic lubricants.
Now as we keep our cars longer than in previous years we are recomended to move to synthetics above 80k kms. Especially as in cold weather the synthetic lubricant moves quickly up to the top of the engine head.

Why is it necessary to use traditional oils in the new engines. If synthetics are so good should we not use them from the get go instead of transitioning at higher kms?

As these lubricants are more expensive than traditional oils, would it not be more cost efficient to use them at the start and keep maintanence costs down in the long run?

Thank you for the forum to discuss these issues.

John F.


This is a great question John! We are going to be speaking with our experts on our Lubricants team and then creating a full post on this! Look for it in the next couple of weeks.
- PumpTalk Team


How come the diesel price is so high 1.34 comparing to gas price 1.20?
It should be other way around.


Hi Catherine,
Diesel prices are a function of a number of factors. There is a great article we posted on PumpTalk, which is still relevant and explains diesel pricing: http://www.pumptalk.ca/2008/04/diesel-prices.html Hopefully this helps.
- PumpTalk Team

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