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Synthetic Oil - Making the Switch

We recently had a comment come into PumpTalk regarding synthetic oil. The question was "Why is it necessary to use traditional oils in the new engines. If synthetics are so good should we not use them from the get go instead of transitioning at higher kms? As these lubricants are more expensive than traditional oils, would it not be more cost efficient to use them at the start and keep maintenance costs down in the long run?"

We thank you John for your comment and decided to answer your question by going right to our experts - the Petro-Canada Lubricants team.

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Anticipating Driver Moves

Highway Lanes
Photo: iStockphoto

When heading out on the weekend for a long drive with my husband, I often bet with him on who is going to change lanes ahead of us. "Black Camry… 3 cars ahead, right lane… moving to the left". Seconds later, their blinker goes on and I usually have a pleased, "I told you so" look on my face. Why? I always try to anticipate drivers' moves ahead of me. I'm always looking for that little "tell" that drivers unconsciously reveal before they physically make their move, like moving towards the lane divider line in their lane, right before they decide to change lanes. Sometimes it doesn't really matter if the driver ahead of you is changing lanes, but sometimes it has a big impact. If the driver is coming over and traffic is coming to a halt - you'll need to brake earlier than you initially planned. Anticipating this can sometimes save a fender bender - or at least save your coffee from spilling all over.

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Getting Out of the Groove: Winter Driving Tips

Car in a Ditch
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With the advent of all-season tires, many drivers don’t feel they need to change out their tires for the winter. After all, they’re called “all-season tires”! Not “all but one season” tires! Ha ha! But seriously, folks, if you live in an area that sees regular snowfall throughout the winter, it’s best to have winter tires for your car.

That said, sometimes even your winter tires, with their wider, deeper grooves and better flexibility at lower temperatures, can’t get you out of the snowy ditch you just slid into. There are few things more frustrating – or panic-inducing – than feeling those wheels spinning out while your vehicle stays put.

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Car Coats and Platform Shoes: At the Intersection of Driver Fashion and Driver Safety

Driving Fashion
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In one of my favourite scenes from the 1995 comedy Clueless, Cher is getting driving lessons from her former stepbrother Josh. As she drives down the middle of the street, causing general havoc, he says to her:

“Hey. James Bond. In America, we drive on the right side of the road.”

She replies “I AM. YOU try driving in platforms.”

In days of yore, driving a motorcar required a specific style of dress. Driving shoes, car coats, soft leather gloves and travel caps were de rigueur for driving – not just for fashion but also for safety and warmth.One simply did not leave the house without taking care to dress. Driving was serious business and no one was wearing platform shoes – or any footwear that negatively impacted driver safety - behind the wheel.

In modern times, of course, driving has become totally mainstream. With the advent of reliable interior climate control, driving fashion has taken a real nose dive. Why button up your car coat and wrap your neck in a silk scarf when you can blast the heater and drive to the 7-11 in your pyjamas and flip flops?

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