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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Winter Driving
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Well for some... but for others the thought of snow and shoveling is not a pretty picture. As 2011 comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season. We hope you have found our posts interesting and that you will be back for more in 2012. We also want to thank those who participated in our poll, "We Want To Know What You Think" as it has given us great insight on topics for the New Year. Look for more posts on fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, fuel pricing and more in 2012. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you can get our weekly posts delivered right to your RSS reader or email. You can do this on the right hand side following the "Recent Posts" section.

Remember - this blog is meant for you, our PumpTalk readers, so please leave any suggestions, questions or comments you have in our comments section underneath each post.

And of course, as you're driving around doing your last minute shopping, visiting relatives and friends just keep in mind these Holiday safety tips:

  • Don't drive in a hurry - better to be there a little late than to not be there at all.
  • Have some patience for other drivers during the Holiday season - I'm sure they are running around trying to check their lists twice too!
  • Top up that windshield washer fluid and clear away that snow (especially on the roof) before you get into your vehicle.
  • Be aware that your stopping distance is reduced in winter weather.

There is a great chart on stopping distances for Winter Tires and All-Season Tires at the bottom of the page here

Health Canada also has some great Holiday Safety Tips as well.

And ofcourse, if you are looking for last minute gifts check out a previous PumpTalk post which has some great ideas!

Wishing all our PumpTalk readers a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year,
- The PumpTalk team.

The Lost Art of Manual Transmission Driving

Manual Transmission
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Remember that first feeling of getting behind the wheel? That feeling of control and power, knowing that you could feel the vehicle respond at the slight touch of your foot on the accelerator. For me, that feeling is almost always present when I'm driving a manual transmission. I love being able to control the vehicle, knowing exactly when I want to shift for more power to the wheels, and commanding when to pull it back a notch. And of course, who can ignore that great feeling of a perfectly mastered rev-matched downshift. Nowadays, with more and more emphasis placed on multi-tasking, it may be tough to focus on shifting while you sip your coffee, talk on your Bluetooth and keep one eye on your three year old in the backseat who insists on opening that box of cookies! Understandably, most people I talk to have never driven a manual transmission - nor do they care to!

There are some actual economic benefits to driving a manual transmission which many people forget:

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WinterGas™ - How Petro-Canada prepares for Winter

Over the years, we have posted many articles related to prepping your car for the winter season. Things like:

You also may have your own regimen in preparing for the winter, like:

  • Digging out your snow scraper, buried somewhere in your garage.
  • Having some sand / cat litter around to put in your trunk for extra traction when the weather calls for it.
  • Keeping a warm blanket and collapsible shovel in your car.

So this time, we wanted to talk about what we at Petro-Canada do to help you prepare for winter - switching to WinterGas™ at our retail sites.

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