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WinterGas™ - How Petro-Canada prepares for Winter

Over the years, we have posted many articles related to prepping your car for the winter season. Things like:

You also may have your own regimen in preparing for the winter, like:

  • Digging out your snow scraper, buried somewhere in your garage.
  • Having some sand / cat litter around to put in your trunk for extra traction when the weather calls for it.
  • Keeping a warm blanket and collapsible shovel in your car.

So this time, we wanted to talk about what we at Petro-Canada do to help you prepare for winter - switching to WinterGas™ at our retail sites.

When stopping in at your nearest Petro-Canada station, you'll probably notice the signs displaying "WinterGas". In fact, WinterGas is now available in most parts of Canada and will be until the first week of March.

So what is WinterGas?
WinterGas is specially designed specifically for the Canadian winter months and is available in all grades of gasoline in the winter months. It has three main differences versus the fuel we use during the spring, summer and fall months.

First, WinterGas is specially formulated to have a higher RVP - or vapour pressure. This means that the fuel is more volatile and vapourizes more readily, which is especially more effective in winter months when the temperature is much colder.

Second, Tactrol™, our proprietary deposit control additive is included.  This additive is a detergent that is designed to help keep engines operating efficiently and reliably by removing deposits formed in the fuel and intake system.

Third, WinterGas includes an additional additive which is a gas-line anti-freeze that keeps fuel moving when temperatures start to drop.

What does this mean for you and your vehicle?
  • Minimizes potential for problems in fuel tanks and fuel lines during cold months
  • Improves cold weather engine start-ups
  • Keeps your fuel systems clean

So when you are beginning to think about winter and what you need to do to prepare - don't worry, you're not the only one - we're doing it too!

If you would like to understand WinterGas a bit more, you can review a previous PumpTalk post here.

You can also visit our website here.

- Julie S.


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