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Global Demand and Diesel Prices

Diesel Prices

We have had many questions come in to the PumpTalk blog regarding diesel pricing and why they continue to be above gasoline prices. In this week’s post, we’ll help answer these questions.
First, I’d like to remind everyone that diesel has more than one use versus its sister, gasoline, whose primary use is transportation. This means that, unlike gasoline, demand for diesel is based on more than vehicle population. Diesel has many other uses in industries like in freight, construction, agriculture and ports.

Now let’s shed some light on pricing.

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Buckle Up (Properly) and Stay Safe

Seat belts
Photo: iStockphoto

We've all done it - hopped in the car to drive to the corner store for a quick errand and not bothered with a seatbelt. It's such a hassle! It's just a few blocks away! What could happen?

While it's true that not putting on your seatbelt may save you valuable nanoseconds, it is also true that accidents can happen anywhere. And wearing your seatbelt is the single most effective way to increase your chance of surviving a collision. According to the US-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelts reduce the risk of death to front seat occupants by 45% and the risk of serious or critical injury by 50%.

Seatbelts are a powerful safety system - but only when they're used correctly. When I began researching this subject, I thought -  are there any details we really need to know, how difficult is it to buckle up? After doing some digging, I realized that there are a few key things you need to make sure you are doing - some I wasn't even aware of!

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Petro-Canada in Social Media

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2012!

We wanted to start the year off by letting you know about some of the other social media entities we have at Suncor. PumpTalk was our company’s first expedition into social media back in 2007. We have since expanded our roster!

Have a look below at some of our other social media properties:



If you are looking for some interesting videos on driving as well as the original PumpTalk Videos – have a look at our Petro-Canada YouTube channel.

Suncor Energy


Want to know more about Suncor’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, our employees and the communities in which we operate?

Check out the Suncor Energy YouTube page for some great videos, pictures on our Flickr page or become a fan of the Suncor Energy Facebook page to receive the latest updates.

Speaking of Facebook, we also have some other interesting pages:

Ultra 94

Ultra 94 on Facebook: Dedicated to our Ontario driving enthusiasts using the highest octane of any gasoline in Ontario, Ultra 94, available at select Petro-Canada™ locations. The Ultra 94 Facebook fan page is used as a platform to connect, interact and share experiences with a community of performance drivers and enthusiasts across Ontario and includes a team of experts in performance driving sharing their experiences and answering questions on the page.


Petro-Canada Olympics

Dream Big Canadian Athletes Facebook Page: Petro-Canada has a proud 24-year history of supporting Canadian athletes and is a National Partner and the Official Oil and Gas Sponsor of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Become a fan and receive updates on athlete programs and other sport initiatives by Petro-Canada.

You can also check out some cool videos of athletes on the Petro-Canada Olympics YouTube Channel. And if it’s just pics you’re interested in, check out the Dream Big Flickr page. Go Canada Go!



OSQAR – Oil Sands Question and Response: This blog is dedicated to sharing information about the Canadian oil sands and industry performance. It includes topics like oil sands development and its environmental impacts and/or economic and social implications. You can join the conversation by visiting the blog here:

Finally, we have created Suncor Response, a blog that helps us convey information about relevant events we are responding to, including international updates.

We hope you have a chance to take a look at some of these sites and see what else we are doing in social media!  To review our social media policies and guidelines visit:

- Julie S.