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Performance Driver Training Tips Applied to Everyday Driving

Back in June, we provided you with some great videos on driving from our resident expert, Brett Goodman, on our high octane fuel Ultra 94 Facebook page. Brett is the owner and race director of performance driving school Bridgestone Racing Academy and is an expert in performance driving and safety - on and off the track. He has been racing and offering performance driver training for over 25 years. We've just finished the remainder of the driving videos and wanted to share them with our PumpTalk readers too. These advanced driver training tips can definitely be applied to every day driving - including winter driving!

There are eight performance driving videos in the “Safer Driving Through Performance Thinking Series”.  They include a variety of topics like traction control, skidding, cornering, following distance and more.

Choose the driving video you want to see first:

Or watch all of the driving videos in the “Safer Driving Through Performance Thinking Series” series below:

You can also visit our Ultra 94 Facebook fan page for more performance driving tips.

So what do you think? Were these videos helpful? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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