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Fuel Efficiency
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As you can imagine, fuel efficiency is a hot topic here at PumpTalk. We're always looking for new tips to pass on to our readers about how to get the most out of their gas. In my relentless pursuit of gas saving tips, I came across a "fuel-saving" idea this morning that I hadn't heard before. The tip was that if you drive around with a half-tank of gas or less, you could increase your fuel efficiency. On paper, it makes sense. Gas does add weight to your car - and reducing weight in your car can increase fuel efficiency. But, as it turns out, consistently driving around with not much gas in your tank is not the best way to save on fuel.

As we mentioned in a previous PumpTalk post, you should always keep your tank at least a quarter full to keep your fuel pump working at optimal levels. Attempting to keep your gas tank at that "sweet spot" between half and a quarter full in order to both increase fuel efficiency and keep your fuel pump working properly may end up cancelling out any savings on fuel. You'd likely spend your meagre "extra" mileage driving to the gas station more often to top up your tank.

Lightening the load in your car is good way to increase your fuel efficiency - but using your gas tank to do it isn't the best option. 

Instead, now that it's spring, it's a great time to clean out your vehicle and reduce the junk in your trunk. Get rid of any unnecessary loads you might be shlepping around out of habit. We all have projects and hobbies - but ask yourself if you really need to be taking that fish tank full of river rocks with you everywhere you go. 

There are many other ways to save on fuel, like combining multiple errands into one trip, idling less, driving at a consistent speed and making sure you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

Be sure and check our Ways to Save on Fuel Infographic and other PumpTalk posts for tips about fuel efficiency.

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